DEXA scan is the gold standard for measuring bone strength and detecting osteoporosis.

The results of the scan help to estimate your risk of fractures in different bones, for example hip, wrist or bones of the spine monitor how well treatment for osteoporosis is working

What is osteoporosis?
Osteoporosis is bone disorder characterized by by compromised bone strenght leading to increased susceptibility to fracture.

Why we should not ignore osteoporosis?
  • In India, 1 in 6 women over 50 years old will break their femur (hip), while 1 in 4 will suffer severe fractures in one or more bones.
  • It is more common than hypertension, heart disease, breast cancer.
  • In contrast with people with healthy bones, osteoporotic bones fracture easily with little or no trauma and take much longer to heal.
  • Fracture of spine and hip are not simple fractures.
  • Hip fracture:20% die within a year and those who survive require long term care.

Who is at risk of Osteoporosis?
  • All women age 45 years and older and men age 50 years and older (asymptomatic screening).
  • History of fracture with minimal trauma.
  • Low body mass (less than 127 lbs or 57.6 kg).
  • Earlymenopause women either natural or surgical
  • Individuals receiving (or expected to receive) glucocorticoid therapy for more than 3 months.
  • Individuals beginning or receiving long-term therapy with medications known to adversely affect BMD (e.g., anticonvulsant drugs, androgen deprivation therapy, aromatase inhibitor therapy, or chronic heparin).
  • Hyperthroidism, Diabetes
An Audiometry exam test your ability to hear sounds It is a precise measurement of hearing. For this test, you wear earphones attached to the audiometer. Pure tones of controlled intensity are delivered to one ear at a time. You are will be asked to raise a hand, or otherwise indicate when you hear a sound.

Why the Test is Performed
This test can detect hearing loss at an early stage. It may also be used when you have hearing problems from any cause.

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