MumbaiClinic is founded by Dr. Atul Mashru, a graduate from the prestigious Nair Medical College, Mumbai, who began his career as a humble family physician to having a world class healthcare facility. Dr.Atul Mashru has relentlessly worked since the past 30 years for preventive health, and developed a comfortable rapport with the medical fraternity, allowing him access to the best doctors in Mumbai and all over India. He is also a family doctor to many top industrialists, businessmen and politicians.

Mumbaiclinic has a dedicated team managing overseas patients.

Advantages of coming to India for Medical Treatment

  • Internationally accredited medical facilities using the latest technologies

  • The high-end healthcare system in India is as good as the best in the world. India maintains robust accreditation system and a large number of accredited facilities (about 275 such facilities that match any global infrastructure).
  • India has a good number (22) of JCI (Joint Commission International) accredited hospitals and compares well with other countries in Asia. These set of approved hospitals in India can provide care at par on above global standards.

  • Highly qualified Physicians/Surgeons and hospital support staff

  • The country has the largest pool of doctors and paramedics in South Asia (1.2 million Allopathic doctors. 0.17 million dental surgeons, 2 million nurses).
  • Many of them have established their credentials as leaders around the world.

  • With a large number of doctors, there is a high level of competency and capability in adoption of newer technologies and innovation and fresh treatment methods. It is a wonderful example of higher quantity leading to higher quality and vice versa

  • Significant cost savings compared to domestic private healthcare

  • Quality of care is what attracts people. However, quality services should not be beyond the affordability of the patient who requires it.
  • This confluence of highest quality and cost advantage is unique for India. The benefit is unimaginable

  • Medical treatment costs in India are lower by at least 60-80% when compared to similar procedures in North America and the U.K.

  • For other treatments, it could be anything from a fifth to a tenth when compared to Western countries and 80 to 90 per cent of what is charged in other South Asian medical destinations.
  • The estimated 600,000 people who step in India from other countries do not do so for cheap healthcare but for quality healthcare at an reasonable price. They are not compromised at any level, but regain health at a fraction of the cost.

  • No Wait Lists.

  • Quick and immediate attention for surgeries and all interventions are assured in India.
  • It's zero waiting time in India for any procedure, be it heart surgery, kidney care, cancer treatment, neuro-spinal procedure, knee/hip/joint replacements, dental, cosmetic surgeries, weight loss surgery etc.

  • Fluent English speaking staff

  • For greater understanding between patients and healthcare personnel, the warmth and hospitality of Indian hospitals is a big factor in choosing India as a healthcare destination
  • India has the highest percentage of English language speakers. Amidst the variety of culture and traditions, if there is one thing that is common in India, that is the English language

  • Options for private room, translator, dedicated staff during your stay and many other tailor-made services

  • If other language options are essential, there are expert interpreters who will be arranged by Mumbai clinic. All leading to reassuring hospitality and great care after the surgery/treatment

  • Can easily be combined with a holiday / business trip.

With a vast experience with the medical fraternity of Mumbai, Dr. Atul Mashru and his team study and scrutinize case histories and medical files or referral notes sent via email, fax or courier.After studying each case, we choose the appropriate specialty consultant needed for a particular case. Dr. AtulMashru's excellent rapport with top of the line consultants makes meeting and approaching them easier and faster which ensures personal attention.

There are no long waiting periods or extra costs suffered by patients. Having Dr. Mashru as your personal physician, makes an enormous difference in coordinating with the specialty doctors. This also makes the consultant more aware and responsible towards his patients.

As Mumbai boasts of many great hospitals and diagnostic centres offering various health schemes and packages, it is a difficult decision and a mammoth task for the patients to choose the right one for themselves. We provide diagnosis, treatment and take personal care of the patient from the very beginning till the completion

A patient living in Nigeria, U.K., Korea or U.S. A., is totally unaware of who is who and who is best in the medical surgical fraternity in Mumbai. Following a friend or relative's advise on health matters could be dangerous, following an impressive website or brochure has its own hazards as there is no back-up or responsible middle man to coordinate these important issues.

We direct to the right doctors for the case as per the need, taking into consideration the medical requirements. To ensure that the treatment (medical or surgical) is given by the right super specialty consultant, the patient needs a strong local infrastructure that Mumbai Clinic provides. We can even arrange for treatment all over India, as per the patient's requirement.

At Mumbaiclinic we pride ourselves for keeping patient's well being our top priority. There have been many instances over the years where patients coming to us for second opinion have been saved from unnecessary surgeries.

Mumbai Clinic provides special services for overseas patients:

  • Appointments with Specialists
  • Plan a Surgery or intervention
  • Skin and hair services
  • Healthcheck ups
  • Dental services

We have tie-ups with the following hospitals:

  • Jaslok Hospital
  • Breach Candy Hospital
  • Saifee Hospital
  • KokilabenAmbani Hospital
  • Lilavati Hospital
  • Hinduja Hospital
  • Wockhardt Hospital
  • Fortis Hospital
Mumbai – the financial and medical capital of India
Yes. As there are many cities in India with modern and established medical facilities. But Mumbai has best of doctors & infra-structure.
Mumbaiclinic's travel partner would be responsible for all the travel arrangement.
We can help you in all kinds of treatments, minor or major, dental to cardiac.
Mostly Yes. Otherwise, we can pre-plan the date and speciality consultant according to your requirement.
Yes. Most of the insurance is valid in India. You need to clarify with your Insurance agent.
We accept in Rupees, regarding other currency we can guide you.
No Health Treatment results across the globe would provide you guarantee, but with such Hi-Tech facilities and experienced surgeons, we are confident of successful results, and you would go home satisfied.
There is various ways of booking your treatment. The easiest way to book is online as our web portal is available 24 hours. You can also send email of any query through our customer service department.
After you recover from your surgery, you mayvisit many exotic and beautiful holiday destinations in India, which would be taken care of by our Travel India Team.
Yes. We will arrange for airport pick-up & there after as well.
It is relatively easy to procure a visa to India. You can obtain a visa from the Indian Embassy in your country.
Yes, Currently India receives patients from over 50 countries across the world. Here are some reasons behind its emergence as the preferred healthcare destination.

The cost of medical care in India is very low when compared to that in many western countries.

India has a vast reservoir of skilled doctors. Many of them proved their mettle in the US and UK and returned to Indian to work in hospitals here. The caliber of other doctors practicing in India is also of a very high order.
India has all along been a knowledge-oriented nation. However, it never had a chance to showcase its expertise. The revolution in information Technology changes the rules of the game. And India made complete use of the knowledge base built by its English – speaking engineers to come out and display its immense capabilities.

And now for the cost, India is a diverse economy where a family of four can live comfortably. Without debt, on a monthly income of just US $300. As a result, the costs of services and products too have stayed at extremely low levels.

Now, thanks to the world becoming inter-connected and people being more willing to explore other nations, India has emerged as a preferred source of low cost healthcare. An extremely welcome alternative to the prohibitive costs prevalent in the western countries.
English is widely spoken across India. But if assistance for any other language is required, interpretation service will be arranged on request. It is better that you inform the language need in advance so that necessary arrangements can be made
  • ++ Getting second opinions from well-known board certified doctors in India offering all support information on
  • ++ Your ailment
  • ++ Recommended mode of surgery
  • ++ Cost involved
Yes, of course. Just pay US$150 and get a second opinion from one of our affiliate Doctors. You are not obligated to have your surgery in India through Mumbaiclinic just because you have asked for a second opinion.
We do not charge any fees or commission from people who want to use the services of our healthcare partners.
you pay the costs of surgery directly to the hospital. The benefits of such a payments are:

Your money is paid directly to the service provider, i.e., the hospital and not any intermediary

Our health care partner have rich expertise in treating patients from almost all parts of the world. Hence, the Payment systems are well in place in the partner hospital to accept payments from almost any part of the world.
We offer a broad spectrum of hospital as well as surgeries / treatments our partner hospitals / clinics offer.

We can provide you the approximate costs once we know the exact ailment & get your reports referred by one of our Panel of Doctors. Please note that the cost estimates provided exclude travel, visa and any other incidental costs. Costs only include cost of surgery. Boarding and lodging for the packages period for the patient in the Hospital. Any other information such as cost of boarding an accompanying person etc can be provided on specific requests.
You can keep in touch with the respective Doctor via email/phone/ video conferencing.
Here's suggested step-by-step process:

1st Step –

with your initial medical enquiry sent to us, submit your name, e-mail address, postal address and contact phone numbers.

2nd Step –

Complete the second opinion questionnaire (Medical Quote Request From) that we send to you by email. Basically this Medical Quote Request From covers current nature of your ailment / your need for second medical opinion / various type of Diagnostic reports available with you and other medical records such as CT Scan / MRI Scan / back home hospital or clinic or your personal doctor's conducted tests reports / X-Ray etc. All these past or current medical history of a patients information's helps our board certified Medical Specialist in answering your Medical Query with full details

3rd Step -

If further asked by our attending Medical Specialist/Doctors for better understanding your Medical conditions than send scanned copies of all your diagnostic reports / pathological reports / MRI/CT Scan /OPG images /dental moulds /X-Rays /angiograms etc. to facilitate out specialist second opinion. U can also used our postal send CD'S or Xerox copies of all reports or use our Telefax or can also use postal mail or courier to send these.

4th Step –

based on all above receive full information from our board certified a attending specialist doctors / medical consultants advice on your medical treatment approximate cost for rough planning purposes and total duration of your stay required at the hospital with pre – operative and post operative extra stay requirement etc. based on your posted surgery/ medical treatment in India medical enquiry.

5th Step –

Also receive full details about cost of your stay at respective treatment city using a hotel or service apartment or guest house from us. Also receive full details about your treating institution / hospital in India with profile of attending doctor's /specialist and respective department at the hospital where your medical treatment is suggested for your approval/ consent and for planning purposes.

6th Step -

Acquire consent of your local physician to fly down to India. Inform us about consent/ medical trip making condition.

7th Step -

Enter into the required agreements (Pre-Registration/ Indemnity or Consent Bond or Agreement). With the hospital in India for your firm medical treatment with them.

8th Step -

Enter into similar agreement (Indemnity Bond) with chosen hotel / service apartment / guest house in India for pre-operative stay duration.

9th Step -

Pay the surgery / medical treatment full cost / full fees to the hospital directly via us to book OT / doctor's appointment / ward or room category chosen by you booking etc.

10th Step -

Receive details of your date of surgery / medical treatment via email support from us.

11th Step -

Proceed for India Medical Visa (given for special medical emergencies). Here you have to carry confirm appointment with your Indian medical specialist / India hospital booking etc. paper given by us for speedy Indian Visa clearance (we can issue you medical visa recommendation latter)

12th Step -

Booking tickets to fly to India. Inform us about your international arrival / departure fight timing and flight number etc.

13th Step -

Fly down to India. receive by our representative. Orientation of your treatment city / hotel or services apartment or guest house stay etc. are undertaken by us for your familiarization.

14th Step -

Meet the attending specialist / treating doctor at the hospital / treating Institution where you will undergo surgery / your medical treatment and proceed on your specific treatment / medical surgery there.

15th Step -

On completion of treatment / medical / discharge from the hospital with final medical bill clearance and as per post – operative stay requirement suggested by your attending India medical specialist / doctors stay at the pre-booked hotel or service apartment or guest house and ones full clearance received from attending medical specialist / doctors is received either fly back home or enjoy a recuperative holiday in India for few week or as per opted choice.

16th Step -

Carry medications or prescription for generic medicines / drugs recommended by your attending medical specialist / doctor to carry home. Afterwards continue your post treatment follow – up if any, through email with attending medical specialist / doctor

We have a dedicated team of doctors who would help you out in planning your surgery. The expenses of pre-operative check-up, surgery cost including hospital stay, post operative care and rehabilitation are all part our Plan a Surgery package

Following are the surgeries / Interventional procedures we arrange for :

Cardiac Surgeries

  • Coronary Artery Bypass
  • Congenital Cardiac Malformations
  • Valvular Defects


  • Angiography
  • Angioplasty


  • Skin & Cosmetology Solutions
  • Skin Conditions Hair transplant


  • Skin & Cosmetology Solutions
  • Skin Conditions Hair transplant

General Surgery

  • Gastoenteric Surgeries ;bariatic surgey
  • Rectal Surgeries Minimally invasive surgeries

GI, Hepatobiliary

  • Cholecystectomy
  • Liver Transplant
  • Pancreatic Surgeries

Gynaecology and Obstetrics

  • Caesarean Section fibroids/ hysterectomy
  • Normal Deliveries

Infertility Specialist

  • Test Tube Baby, IVF

Joint Replacement and arthroscopic surgeries

  • Hip Joint Replacement
  • Knee Joint Replacement
  • Shoulder Joint Replacement
  • Arthroscopic treament of knee, shoulder
  • Endoscopic spine surgery
  • Specialized spine surgeries


  • Brain Injuries
  • Brain Tumours
  • Neurovascular Malformation (A V M)


  • Customized cancer care with latest available treatment modalities like robotic surgeries,

Ophthalmic Surgery

  • Cataract With Phacoemulsification
  • Glaucoma
  • Lasik Surgery For RefractoryErrors
  • Occuloplasy
  • Retinal Surgeries
  • Tumours

Orthopaedic Surgery

  • Congenital Defects /Artificial limb /Impacts
  • Trauma

Paediatric Surgery

  • Congenital Defects
  • Congenital Heart Defects Correction
  • T-O Fistulas

Plastic Surgeries

  • Breast Implants
  • Breast Reduction Surgeries
  • Burns Deformities Correction
  • Scar Revision
  • Liposuction
  • Tummy Tuck
  • Rhinoplasty (Nose shaping)
  • Dimple creation
  • Blepharoplasty (Under eye bags)
  • Breast Surgery
  • Gynaecomastia
  • Vaginoplasty
  • Earlobe Lift
  • Varicose vein
  • Mini tummy tuck


  • Ultrasonography
  • Doppler studies of all arteries
  • C T
  • MRI Angiographies
  • Paediatric Urological Problems
  • PCNL
  • Turp ( Prostate Surgery)
  • Urinary Stones etc

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