Dr. Pankaj Ramesh Parkeh

M.D. (Pead), D.C.H. (MUM)
Specialities : Pediatrician


Work Experience : Total teaching experience in Paediatrics – 23 Years
Achievements : Mrs. Indumati Zaveri's Prize (Gold Medal) for standing first in D.C.H. Examination

Paper & Research :
Congenital Miliary Tuberculosis - Clinical Paediatrics Vol. 15, No. 4 – April 1976
Neonatal Conjunctivitis – Indian Pediatrics
Read Paper in International Congress of Paediatrics – Delhi (Oct. 1977) Unconscious child
Prolonged Pyrexia

Read the following papers in National Conference of infection diseases, Mum–1981
Simplified treatment of acute diarrheal disorder
Role of health education in diarrheal disease in children
Role of fresh blood transfusion in arresting progress of severe forms of Polio
Mortality in children due to infectious diseases

Read the following Papers in the National Seminar on Viral Hepatitis, Mum – 1982
Hepatitis in children
Hepatic Coma in pediatrics
Prognostic factors in Hepatic Coma

Read the following papers in the National Seminar on Enteric Fever, Mum – 1985
Enteric fever in pediatric age group
Management of Enteric fever in children

Case reports of SOTO's Syndrome in IJP

Written chapter on "Pulmonary Tuberculosis" in "Pediatric Thoracic Surgery" Textbook Published by "Springer" U.K. 2009

Written chapter on "Measles" in API textbook of Medicine

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